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We are a full service design and marketing company, and feel that when creativity & great design are combined, 

there are no limitations to what we can do.


Our process begins and ends with understanding the culture of our clients. We combine our experience, and your dreams to come up with innovative design and marketing ideas that are both effective and affordable. The following is a list of how we do what we do.

Your Brand is everything. How are we going to make the emotional connection between the customer and your business? How will we create an identity/image/perception of your business and what will that perception be?  Branding is the critical Creative process that determines the direction of your business’s image and sets the tone for your Creative designs.

The creative design process focuses primarily on taking your dreams and turning them into reality. A business is a culmination of years of hard work, and your design should do its part in making your business successful.

We will create designs that are not only visually stimulating, but effective in making you look like you have been around for years as an industry leader.

Programming creates the intelligent mind for your web based solutions. Our programming team will take your custom designed website, and implement each and every function,  followed by extensive quality assurance and beta testing procedures.

Attention to Usability makes all the difference. We ensure that your website is able to be understood at a glance, that content is able to easily read, that products can be immediately identified and selected, and that the visitor is always presented with an easily navigable structure or information. Lionshare will go the extra mile to ensure that your website is ultimately intuitive.